Dedicated Left Turn Signal Installed at the intersection of Grand and Kingsbury

Project Description

Alderman Reilly is very pleased to announce the installation of a left turn signal at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Kingsbury Street!

Previously, eastbound drivers on Grand, making a left turn to travel north on Kingsbury, had difficulty making the turn during the green signal phase due to conflicts with pedestrians in the crosswalk and heavy westbound vehicular traffic. These conditions often permitted only 1-2 vehicles to complete their turn during the green signal phase.

In response to neighborhood concerns about traffic congestion, Alderman Reilly requested that the Chicago Department of Transportation review this intersection to determine if a left turn arrow could be installed. CDOT reviewed the traffic volumes and determined that a left turn arrow was warranted. The new left turn signal was installed in fall, 2015.


River North

General Contractor

River North

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