The Dept. of Family and Support Services, Senior Services Division serves as the Area Agency on Aging for the city of Chicago.  In that capacity they administer a variety programs designed to address the diverse needs and interests of older Chicagoans, from those who are healthy and active, to those who are frail and homebound.

They operate six Regional Senior Centers (CULTURAL CENTER) that act as community focal points for information and assessment, and provide senior services in health and fitness, education and recreation. They also operate ten satellite senior centers that offer opportunities for cultural enrichment, health and fitness, and education.

Exemptions and Discounts

Senior Citizen Sewer Service Charge Exemption & Rebate

  • The Senior Citizen Sewer Exemption entitles seniors aged 65 or over, residing in their own residence with separate metered water service or a separate city water assessment for that residential unit, to an exemption from payment of the sewer service charge for their residence. This exemption provides substantial savings to seniors.
  • Senior Citizens, who own and occupy their own residence, but who are not eligible for the Senior Citizen Sewer Charge Exemption due to property type, can apply for the Senior Citizen Sewer Rebate. This provides an annual $50 rebate in lieu of the exemption.
  • To be eligible for the sewer service charge exemption:
    • You must be 65 years of age or older
    • You must be the owner of the residential unit
    • You must occupy the residential unit as your principal place of residence
    • The residential unit must have a separate water meter or assessed account
  • To be eligible for the sewer charge annual rebate:
    • You must be 65 years of age, or older, as of January 1 for the year you are applying.
    • You must be the sole owner, or owner in joint tenancy, or tenancy in common of the property.
    • You must occupy the property as your principal place of residence.
    • You must own a townhouse, condominium unit, or cooperative apartment that shares a common water bill.
  • If you meet all the above criteria and wish to apply, you must submit a Senior Sewer Application. The form must be completed in its entirety and submitted with all supporting documentation.
  • If the conditions under which you submit your application change, you are required to make the City aware of these changes to determine if the exemption still applies. If it is determined that this exemption was approved under false pretenses, you may be liable for any previously waived charges as well as any applicable penalties or fines. The City reserves the right to request recertification of the exemption periodically.

Senior Citizen Garbage Fee Discount

Seniors have a number of options to stay active in the 42nd Ward, many of which are facilitated through the Chicago Park District.

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