Priorities for the 42nd Ward

Alderman Reilly’s goal is to work in partnership with downtown residents, businesses and civic groups to work collaboratively to build a stronger Chicago

Alderman Reilly understands that we all have a common interest in promoting balanced, responsible growth; ensuring a well-managed and efficient public transportation system that meets our growing needs; improving public safety and reducing crime; strengthening our cultural and civic institutions; and protecting our air and water and preserving our parks and open spaces.

Public Safety

Although Alderman Reilly does not have the authority to direct CPD, he is committed to leveraging all available City resources to enhance public safety. Alderman Reilly has allocated significant portions of his Aldermanic Menu to fund the installation of Police Observation Cameras and License Plate Readers, which assist CPD detectives in catching criminals. Additionally, he uses his legislative powers to provide CPD with more tools to address crime and safety issues. 

Read more about Alderman Reilly’s position and efforts regarding Public Safety in Reilly Reports:

He knows there is no limit to what Chicago can achieve when we work together and he is committed to promoting open, transparent government that gives all stakeholders in the 42nd Ward a seat at the table to provide input on local issues of concern. Alderman Reilly believes Chicagoans deserve good government and that we must have faith in the integrity of the decision-making process. That’s why Alderman Reilly has made it a priority to remain accessible and responsive to his constituents’ concerns.

Alderman Reilly serves on the following City Council Committees:
  • Budget and Government Operations
  • Committees and Rules
  • Economic, Capital, and Technology
  • Ethics and Government Oversight
  • Environmental Protection and Energy
  • Finance
  • Workforce Development
  • Zoning, Landmarks, and Building Standards

Additionally, as President Pro Tempore, Alderman Reilly is an Ex-Officio Member of all City Council committees.

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