1045 North Rush Street

Project Description

Technical Type 1 zoning change to correct an inconsistency in the zoning map for a 384 sq ft parcel within project property line. Portion of their property circled on this map, was zoned DR-3, which prohibits the same commercial/business uses that have occupied the premises for decades. Zoning change will make it uniform with the balance of the DX-7 property.

The applicant proposes to submit a lakefront protection application for the development of a new 7-story mixed-use building with basement, retail (FL 1-2), restaurant (FL 3-5) and 1 dwelling unit (FL 6-7).

Note – This project was previously described as 5-story in Reilly Reports, linked below. At the request of the Department of Zoning, the applicant now considers the “penthouse” level and the “mezzanine” level as a their own stories. The height of the building has not changed.

Review project details in Reilly Reports:

Neighborhood: Gold Coast


Type 1 Zoning Change approved by City Council: July 21, 2021

Lakefront Protection Application: October 20, 2022

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