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(Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy)

CAPS is a partnership between police, community leaders, business owners and local residents and is the foundation of the City’s community policing philosophy. CAPS brings together the police, the community, and other city agencies to proactively identify and solve neighborhood crime problems, rather than simply reacting to problems after the fact. Problem solving at the neighborhood level is supported by a variety of strategies, including neighborhood-based beat officers; regular Beat Community Meetings involving police and residents; extensive training for both police and members of the community; more efficient use of city services that impact crime; and new technology to help police and residents target crime hot spots.

With CAPS, police officers continue to enforce the law and respond rapidly to serious crimes and life-threatening emergencies. But CAPS recognizes that the police alone cannot solve the city's crime problems. It takes a combined effort of police, community, and City government working together.

Alderman Reilly is committed to improving public safety in the 42nd Ward and the alderman, or a representative from his office, attends each beat meeting. Look for the beat meeting updates, time and locations here or contact the the districts listed on the right-hand side of the page.

Noise Complaints

The 42nd Ward is a bustling, vibrant metropolitan area and home to new development and growth. Because of the high level of economic activity and construction in our downtown neighborhoods, our office occasionally receives calls from concerned residents regarding noise issues. There are a number of ways that you can resolve noise issues in the city.

  • Call our Constituent Service Office at (312) 642-4242 to report any noise disturbances
  • After business hours, contact 311 for non-emergency noise issues, and 911 for emergency requests.
  • For frequent, recurring noise issues, please contact our Constituent Service Office and attend your local CAPS beat meeting to share your concern with your neighborhood beat police officers.
  • Take soundproofing measures in your own apartment or condominium to help reduce the impact of normal city noise, such as traffic and emergency vehicles

CAPS Meeting Schedule

Please see below for the regular CAPS beat meeting schedule. Please contact your local CAPS office for additional information and to confirm the date and time of upcoming meetings.

To find your district and beat, please click here .

1st District


Beat 111, 112, 113 and 114

(10 Sector)

Residential Meetings: 2nd Thursday of every month, 6:30pm at 400 E. Randolph St. (ODD months) or 130 N. Garland Ct. (EVEN months)

Business Meetings: 4th Thursday of every EVEN month, 2:00pm, 175 N. State St. (Chicago Theater)

Beat 121, 122, 123 and 124

(20 Sector)

Residential Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of every month, 6:30pm, at 525 S. State St., University Center

Business Meetings: 1st Thursday of every ODD month, 2:00pm, Northern Trust Bank, 50 S. LaSalle

12th District


Beat 1214 Residential Meetings: 2nd Thursday of every EVEN month, 6:00pm, Bennett Day School, 955 W. Grand Ave.
18th District


Beat 1821, 1822 and 1823


Residential Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every ODD month, 6:00pm, 1160 N. Larrabee St., 18th District Community Room

Business Meetings: 1st Wednesday of every month, 3:00pm, 16 W. Division St. (Shenanigan's)

Beat 1814, 1824 and 1834


Residential Meetings: 1st Tuesday of every ODD month, 6:00pm, 59 W. North Ave., Latin Upper School

Business Meetings: 1st Wednesday of every month, 3:00pm, 16 W. Division St. (Shenanigan's)

Beat 1831, 1832 and 1833

(30 Sector)

Residential Meetings: 1st Thursday of every ODD month, 6:00pm, 115 W. Chicago, Access Living Center

Business Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of every month, 3:30pm, 169 W. Kinzie, Highline


Aggressive Panhandling is a crime!

You are the victim of aggressive panhandling when a person requesting a donation or other gratuity does any of the following:

  • Makes physical contact without your consent
  • Solicits you while waiting in line to be admitted to any commercial venue
  • Blocks your path while you are being solicited
  • Blocks entrances to any building, or vehicle while being solicited
  • Following behind, ahead, or alongside you after being solicited
  • Uses profane or abusive language before, during, or after soliciting you
  • Gestures or makes statements causing fear, before or after soliciting you
  • Solicits in groups of two or more panhandlers
If you are aggressively panhandled, call 9-1-1
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