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Business Linceses and Permits
Building and Construction Permits
Business Licenses

City ordinance requires all individuals and corporations operating a business in Chicago to obtain an annual license from the city. If you are interested in starting a business, visit the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection website or call (312) 744-6260.

The City’s Small Business Center provides invaluable information for business owners new and old. Click here to access and download the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing Forms.

Public Right of Way Permits

Applications are required for all projects that affect the public way and must be pre-approved by Alderman Reilly, including: signs, canopies and awnings; poles; sidewalk vaults and utility boxes; and sidewalk cafes.


Please submit your application with copies of supporting documentation (maps, drawings, architectural plans, etc.) to our constituent office, located at 325 West Huron Street, Suite 510. If your application is approved by the Alderman, you will then need to submit it to the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.

For more information about Public Way Use Permits, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, or to download required application forms please contact the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, (312) 744-6060.

Standing / Loading / No Parking Zones

Standing or Loading zones are occasionally granted for downtown businesses and residential buildings. If you would like to apply for a standing, loading or no parking zone designation, please download and complete the required standing / loading zone application. Please be sure to includea cover letter, a site diagram and photographs with your completed application which will statedays and hours of operation, address, length of space requested, and federal tax ID number. Please submit all information to:

Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward
325 West Huron Street, Suite 510
Chicago, IL 60654


Please note: The request will be introduced to City Council and then forwarded on to the Department of Transportation (CDOT). CDOT will conduct a study to determine if it recommends the issuance of a standing / loading zone. This response will be forwarded to the Alderman’s office.

If CDOT recommends the standing / loading zone, the application will pass and will be confirmed at the next City Council meeting. Once CDOT has the certified ordinance, they will follow up with the applicant for installation and payment options.The annual cost of standing or loading zones in the Central Business District is $500.00 for the first 20 linear feet with $50.00 for each additional linear foot thereafter, CDOT performs the billing function. This process frequently takesnine(9) months from request to installation.




Business and Advertising Signs

Signs that are over 100 square feet and / or 24 feet above grade require a City Council Sign Order. To have Alderman Reilly review your Sign Order for City Council Introduction please forward the following required documents:

1. Cover letter addressed to Alderman Reilly explaining the need for the Sign Order.
2. Copy of the Department of Buildings Application
This form must be completed by a sign contractor.
3. Diagram / rendering of the proposed sign (sizes: width, length, height from grade, height from roof).
4. Picture of the wall without the sign, and a picture of the wall with the proposed sign.
5. Zoning Approval
6. Draft Sign Order.

Incomplete requests will not be considered by Alderman Reilly nor the Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards.

Section 13-20-680 of the Municipal Code lays out what is required to permit Business Identification Signs and Advertising Signs.  If you are interested in applying for a sign permit, please submit your building permit application, pictures or drawings of the requested sign, as well as sign specifications from the sign company. Upon review of your submittal, the Alderman’s office will contact you.

Please submit all information to:

Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward
325 West Huron Street, Suite 510
Chicago, IL 60654
312-642-0420 (fax)

Liquor Licenses

If you are interested in applying for a liquor license in the 42nd Ward, please fully complete this form and submit to:

Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward
325 West Huron Street, Suite 510
Chicago, IL 60654

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (DBACP) has information on their website regarding liquor licenses, it can be found here.


Special Events and Permits

If you need a permit for a special event (street closure, fair, parade, block party, sidewalk sale, etc), please click here to download an application or contact the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Bureau of Special Events at (312) 744-3315.

After you have the application completed, please forward a completed copy (each) to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, the District Police Commander and Alderman Reilly's Office.   Each agency must receive a completed copy of the event application upwards of 45 days before the event takes place. Please send your request to Alderman Reilly to office@ward42chicago.com.

For more information about the special event permit process, or to download the required application please visit the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events website or download the Special Events Permit Package or call (312) 744-3315.

Hospitality Resource Partnership

Alderman Reilly works with the Chicago Hospitality Resource Partnership (HRP) to strengthen downtown Chicago’s hospitality industry – including local bars, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues. The HRP is an alliance comprised of local business owners, law enforcement officials and neighborhood organizations that are committed to ensuring businesses and residents work together to keep our neighborhoods vibrant, safe and livable.

The HRP provides a forum for all interested parties to be represented in local decision-making and problem-solving, and coordinates government and private sector resources to efficiently and effectively assist neighborhoods in the planning and management of hospitality corridors.

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